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About the Podcast

The Gods Must Be Crazy Podcast launched in early July 2021, springing from a long-running conversation between two former colleagues from the corporate world—Anama and Ice—about the lack of Philippine Mythology in our zeitgeist.  The original creative handle for the podcast was “What if the tabloids wrote about Philippine Mythology?” 

With this, we are hoping to explore other facets of Philippine myths and folklore: the weird, wacky, scandalous, outrageous, and sometimes even downright hilarious.

In this casual deep dive (oxymoron, we know), we’re also hoping to answer some burning questions like: how did these stories evolve within our colonial and post-colonial history? What aspects inform our current day to day as well as our evolving Filipino identity, even if we may not realize it?

The Hosts

Anama Dimapilis-O’Reilly is a Global Public Affairs Leader for a Pharmaceutical company who has been based in Singapore for eight years.  She is a proud Batanguena -- complete with warlike ancestors and coffee in her blood.  After having a little daughter, she wanted to find a new way to reconnect with the stories of the Philippines so that her daughter doesn’t lose touch with her Filipino half.  Anama loves stories and particularly the juicy bits of Philippine lore that were unfortunately stamped down by colonization or just lost to history.

Ice Lacsamana sells soaps and joy in her day job as Director for Brand Management at a multi-national FMCG company and was recognized in 2017 by Mansmith and Fielders as one of the Young Market Masters of the Philippines. She is an abstract artist that likes to dabble in different media for her pieces, often inspired by tropical landscapes and the vibrant interplay between layered forms of color and light. It was her fascination with fairy tales and her endless need to understand the backstory behind everything that led her to the rabbit hole that is Philippine mythology and all its strange, wonderful, and unexplored spaces.

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